JUNE 18, 2024. VIENNA.

Here you will find all the information you might be looking for as a partner and exhibitor. If one of your questions is not answered here, please send us an e-mail, we will answer it and then add it here.

Our Service Space COO Manuela is currently working hard to get her broken right upper arm mobile enough to work again by mid-April. Until then, we ask for your indulgence that some answers cannot be given immediately.

Contact person and availability

For all inquiries regarding the booked Partner Package, please contact Viktoria Rajky: viktoria.rajky@itsmpartner.at

For general inquiries and marketing information, please contact Manuela Friedl: manuela.friedl@itsmpartner.at

Our team enjoys a 4-day week, so we are not in the office on Fridays.

However, from Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., we are happy to help you by telephone on +43 699 1888 9922 or by e-mail at office@itsmpartner.at. We look forward to answering your questions!

Service Space Floorplan 2024

Location and arrival

Service Space 2024 will take place in the Spitzhof of the Schönbrunn Conference Center.

You can find pictures, overviews and further information about the location here

The entrance to the Spitzhof is on Schloßstraße. Partners can use the parking spaces in the garden for deliveries on the afternoon of the previous day. These must be registered by us in advance – please send us an e-mail to manuela.friedl@itsmpartner.at

Parking spaces are limited, but we will do our best to get as many as possible. The confirmation will tell you exactly when you can drive in and how much time you have to unload. If you need longer to set up, you can park in the public parking lot opposite the conference center in the meantime.

Here you will find further information on how to find us:

Yes, that is possible. The set-up times on June 17, 2024 are from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please adhere to these times, access is not possible outside of these times.


Please send us your logo and a suitable link for our website after booking the Partner Package. The logo will also be used in the conference brochure and in all appropriate advertising material. Formats: jpg, png, svg, pdf

At Service Space 2024, we deal with these topics:

  1. Modeling and design of services.
    Keywords: CMS/CMDB, TBM, data modeling, data architecture, service modeling, discovery and dependency mapping
  2. From the service portfolio to the service catalog to the request catalog.
    These 3 things are not the same and they build on each other. The theory (primarily ITIL 4) reads well, but in practice there are sometimes huge problems and some fail because of the confusion of terms between Services, Products, Solutions and Systems.
    Keywords: Service Portfolio, Service Catalog, Self Service Portal, Service Accounting (contributions on closely related topics such as IT Asset Management and IDM/IAM are also welcome)
  3. AI, automation and monitoring in service management
    Keywords: AI, AI, machine learning, data science, automation
  4. Service management for the agile world
    Keywords: Scrum, Lean, (Scaled) Agile, DevOps
  5. Conquering the compliance mountain
    The requirements of European and national legislation are increasing and are directly and indirectly affecting more and more service providers. We are certain that data modeling for ITSM in particular can be an essential basis for meeting compliance requirements.
    Keywords: NIS2, Cybersecurity, DORA, ESG, UNSDG, Sustainability, CSR

Please select one of the following 5 topics and assign the corresponding number to your contribution. If your contribution contains several topics (e.g. if it is an ITSM project report), please indicate which of the 5 topics is the main focus.

Furthermore, out of consideration for our participants, each contribution should be marked with one of 3 experience levels:
⦁ “walk” for newcomers to a topic
⦁ “run” for advanced users
⦁ “fly” for expert:inside

So that we can announce the contribution correctly, please also mark it according to its type:
⦁ Lecture (from you)
⦁ Customer presentation
⦁ Workshop

The rooms are set up for approx. 60-70 participants (rows of seats), the necessary technology is provided.

Please post your entry as soon as possible! Even if you only know the topic.
Richard can use it to plan the program better.

We need the following information in order to be able to schedule the presentation and present it correctly on the website and in the conference brochure.

  • the topic (information can be found in the tab “The package includes a lecture”)
  • For which experience level is the lecture
  • The speaker – 1 person? More than one person?
  • Short biography of the speaker
  • Photo of the speaker
  • Title and type of presentation
  • Brief description for the program section on the website and the conference brochure
  • A longer description that we can publish as a blog post on the website is ideal.

Speakers do not need a ticket to participate in Service Space. Give us all the information in good time and we will prepare the appropriate name badge.

Please send us your presentation slides (PPT 16:9) by June 10, 2024 at the latest, so that we have enough time to transfer them to the respective presentation laptop and test them.


For all presentations for which we as an ITSM partner provide information on: Speaker, picture of the speaker(s), title, topic of the presentation and short description haben, we design visualswhich we will publish on our links page.

An example Visual:

The Ultimate Package includes an advertisement in the program booklet.
The program booklet will be printed A5 landscape (148 x 210 mm), please send us a suitable file (pdf print) with 3 mm overfill.

We also use your logo in the program booklet. Please send us a short text about your company, we will fit it into the program booklet and then send you an advance copy for approval. This applies to all packages. If you have your

If your package includes a promotional brochure and/or a gadget for the conference bag or you have upgraded your package with it, please send everything to the following address by May 29, 2024 (date of arrival) at the latest: ITSM Partner GmbH, Engerthstraße 90, 1200 Vienna.

We do not specify a format, but there must be a rollup and not an advertising wall. Bring your own rollup or Beach flag with.

We do not specify a format, but it must not be an advertising wall. Important: Whether beach Flag or roll-up, it must be windproof. This means approved for outdoor use. Bring your own rollup or beach flag with you.

Your stand

Ultimate Package:
Your stand is approx. 10 square meters. Included are 2 high tables, 2 bar stools and the power connection.
Would you like different or additional furniture?
Send an e-mail to manuela.friedl@itsmpartner.at and you will receive a list of possible furniture.

Premium Package
Your stand is approx. 6 square meters. Included are 1 high table, 2 bar stools and the power connection.

Basic Package
Your stand area is approx. 2 square meters. Included are 1 high table, 1 bar stool and the power connection.

You can get additional furniture for your Ultimate or Premium stand for a fee. Please contact manuela.friedl@itsmpartner.at, you will be sent a list.

You can set up your stand on June 17, 2024 between 2 and 5 pm. You can park your car at the location. To ensure that the porter lets you in, register in good time at manuela.friedl@itsmpartner.at.

Your stand must be dismantled by 11 p.m. at the latest. Take everything you brought back with you. We can only dispose of roll-ups etc. that are left behind and charge for them.

WLAN is provided by the location, access information is provided on site.

No, the exhibitor area is in the general break zone. Catering is available for everyone – although we ask that, in an absolute emergency, participants be given priority so that they can return to the lecture rooms in good time.

Please send us all the names of the people who will be looking after your stand by June 10, 2024 at the latest. We will prepare suitable name badges for everyone. If you are not coming yourself, please inform everyone that they have to check in at the entrance – the name badges will then be waiting for them at your stand.

Ultimate Package: max. 6 persons
Premium Package: max 4 persons
Basic Package: max. 2 persons

Program on site

All elevator pitches will take place shortly after 09:00 before the first presentation on the main stage.

The duration of your pitch depends on your package. Premium Package: 30 seconds. Ultimate Package: 60 seconds.

No slides! A stopwatch runs in the background and we turn off the microphone at the end of the time. So think carefully about how you draw the viewers’ attention to you. A little tip: a lot of humor has always brought a lot of success.

Send us who will deliver your elevator pitch by June 10, 2024 at the latest.

You will find out the order at the Meet&Greet in the evening or at the latest on the morning of the conference. Please contact our Service Desk (aka ITSM Partner Stand) or Reinhard Volz directly after your arrival at the conference.

We are working on the details of the program, check back, we will inform you here.

The program allocation (time and space) is being done by Richard, as soon as all slots are allocated, we will publish them in the program schedule section or there will be another menu item on the website with the details.

No, that is not necessary. Our technical partner Bernhard AV provides all technical aids. In some rooms you don’t need a microphone, in others you get either a wireless or a handheld microphone. Please contact the respective moderator in good time before your lecture/workshop.

All program items are listed in the program booklet. You will find the program booklet on your stand in the morning at the latest. We will also make the daily schedule available as a PDF.
We have moderators in each room, we will send you the exact information in good time before the event.


Each package includes a certain number of tickets for employees included. If you need more tickets, you can order additional tickets. Send an e-mail to Manuela.friedl@itsmartner.at. Each additional ticket costs EUR 1.000,-.

We are once again organizing a meet & greet the evening before. Further information will follow.

Info follows