Rob Akershoek

The Open Group / Fruition Partners
Chair IT4IT Forum / IT4IT Architect

Using IT4IT as a receipt to transform your IT function

Manage the new digital ecosystem

Most IT organizations are not equipped to manage the new digital ecosystem, and handle the growing demands posed to them such as: deliver faster, better, cheaper with lower risk.

Your IT organization is probably also in the journey to transform to become a more lean and agile service provider. A new IT function focusing on streamlining and automating IT activities across the entire service life cycle brokering services for a multi-vendor ecosystem. The ingredients of this new IT function are typically know such as: Agile development (using SCRUM), Continuous Delivery, DevOps, Cloud automation, Multi-vendor sourcing (e.g. SIAM), Security, risk & compliance and many others. However, most organizations lack a common blueprint or plan of how all these ingredients can be blended together to actually realize a new IT operating model…

This presentation is about the long-awaited receipt for creating a new IT operating model capable for managing the new digital ecosystem, which is called the IT4IT standard from The Open Group. IT4IT bootstraps your IT organization enabling you to combine new agile methodologies with traditional service management practices such as ITIL and PMBOK (or Prince2).

Topics covered:

  • Why do I need to transform my IT function? And how does a blueprint of a modern IT function looks like?
  • What capabilities do you need to manage the new digital reality?
  • How to combine traditional service management practices such as ITIL with new delivery paradigms such as DevOps and Agile development?
  • How can you use the IT4IT standard from The Open Group in your own digital journey? What steps do you need to take to transform your IT function?