Mark Smalley is talking about the implications of Digital Transformation on Service Management

Um unsere Speaker bei Service Space 2017 besser kennenzulernen, haben wir ihnen ein paar Fragen gestellt. Hier die ersten Antworten von Mark Smalley:

Mark, what are your current touchpoints with Service Management?My main interest in Service Management – and IT Management in general – is effective collaboration between business and IT. I’ve done more than ten international workshops on the desired behaviour between business and IT and you can read about the findings here. Another interest is my work at the IT4IT Forum. This is mostly about IT operating models, how the IT4IT standard interfaces with other bodies of knowledge, and how business value is derived from IT industry guidance such as the IT4IT standard.

What does digital transformation mean to you?I like to make the distinction between IT transformation and digital transformation. Firstly, „transformation“ is just another word for major change. IT transformation refers to major change to an IT function’s operating model. Digital transformation, however refers to major change to how the business uses or applies IT. It implies a much closer decentralised IT functions in the lines of business rather than IT in a central shared IT center; business and IT value streams that are converged rather than aligned; co-creation of value between business and IT rather than a demand-supply relationship with SLA etc; and IT people are not subservient order-takers but equal co-workers who report to the same business manager as their business colleagues. It’s a fascinating topic – more here.

What is your forecast for the future of ITIL?
Most of the guidance in ITIL will still be valid but it may be applied in a more agile/devopsy way

Multiprovider management – Which topic is the most important to consider?
A key question is who has the best qualifications to integrate multiple providers: the customer’s IT function or a third party?

If you only had time for just one sight in Vienna – which one would you choose?
The toilets at the Hundertwasser village 😉