Julia Harrison

Science and Sciencability

The title of course is a reminiscence to Jane Austen’s „Sense and Sensibility“. Don’t expect Julia Harrison to talk like a lady from the 18th century. But do expect, like in the legendary novels, some sense of irony and realism.

Technology organisations should improve processes and services. That is not new. How could SCIENCE help?

The scientific method is a systematic process of learning by collecting and analysing evidence. You could, for example, ask: What received wisdom within your organisation do you instinctively know to be wrong? The scientific method would suggest you to come up with an an experiment that would help show what’s really going on.

There is even more to notice. „Instinctively knowing“ something usually leads to fast decisions. But sometimes our brain is misleading us by using a shortcut where the long and winding road would have led to a better result. This speech introduces some of the most common cognitive biases and how to deal with them.