Noel Bruton

Lead Author MISD

Mastering IT Support Delivery

Presented by Noel Bruton, lead author

Mastering IT Support Delivery (MISD) is a career-spanning curriculum of certified training in method, conduct, and professionalism in the provision of IT Support. The curriculum’s four qualifications go from ‘Foundation & Operative’, through ‘Aspiring Manager’ to ‘Operational Manager’ and on to ‘Strategy Manager’. Their unique, specialist, and practical lessons recognise that IT Support does not stop at the Service Desk, but can and does involve every department in IT. MISD is about how to organise an IT technical function to deliver a professional, business-oriented support service; either at first line, or in concert with development, network administration, and other activities; to either an internal (ITSM) or external (ECSM) userbase.

Because it is focused on the delivery of IT support to the business rather than on IT’s internal bureaucracy, MISD can co-exist with other IT frameworks or operate entirely independent of them. MISD works in organisations of any size, and is completely scalable. ITSM Partner now brings this exciting, necessary, and long-overdue training programme to the Austrian market.