Mark Smalley is talking about the implications of Digital Transformation on Service Management

Mark Smalley hat uns noch mehr Fragen beantwortet:

Which industries should use ITSM best practices?
Not sure about this but the IT industry should use non-IT service management practices and also take a good look at service science.

How could digital transform the European job market?
Fewer jobs for some people. This implies a new way of wealth distribution (basic income) and a different definition of what constitutes a meaningful life if you don’t have a ‚proper job‘. Hopefully leading to more people contributing to a better society.

If you were aged 14 today, which education would you choose?
Buddhist monk.

We will all drive in autonomas (self controlled vehicles): 2020, 2050 or never?
2050 is plausible.

The refridgerator orders food indepedently, the drone delivers it and your roboter puts the food away. Who’s in order if the milk was not delivered and how does that refer to service management?
Difficult to say but it sketches the modern service ecosystem in which multiple service providers perform fulfil loosely coupled ‚micro‘ services. But who is the integrator/orchestrator? This is one of the roles that service management can fulfil.